Jill Urbach, singing from time to time with SJJQ since 2008, trained as an actress and singer.  Her first paid singing gig was as a school chorus member on the NBC TV series Saved By the Bell.  Jill first got the bug to sing in a band somewhere around her twenty-first birthday when the singer in a San Francisco nightclub didn’t show due to illness and Jill talked her way into singing with the band.  Motherhood and a few careers later, Jill finally got her wish after relocating to the San Juans.


The San Juan Jazz Quintet

SJJQ, based in Friday Harbor, San Juan Island, Washington State, formed in the early ’90’s plays Jazz standards galore, and bebop, Latin, swing, and original tunes by band member Rich Barker.  Jill Urbach adds her inimitable vocals to many great jazz standards.  We highlight compositions of Cannonball and Nat Adderley, Count Basie, Ray Charles, Miles Davis, Duke Ellington, Benny Golson, Antonio Carlos Jobim, Charlie Parker, Billy Strayhorn, and many other jazz Greats.  SJJQ music is for listening, dancing, and background.  Don't miss it.... it'll cure what ails you.

To contact SJJQ, call Rich Barker at 360 378 9474, (cell) 298 1968 or email Rich at rdb275@rockisland.com or Dennis at dwillows@u.washington.edu or 360 317 7131.


We enjoy playing for all sorts of private events..... parties, dances, wedding receptions, anniversaries, birthdays ... any excuse for a good time will do.

Most often SJJQ plays in the San Juan Islands but for the right offer, the band might even come to America or Canada!


If you are looking for music for listening, dancing, or mood setting background, SJJQ might be just what you need.  Check out our music samples, or purchase one of our CDs online.

SJJQ’s latest is “San Juan Jazz Quintet - Lite House” recorded live at the RUMOR MILL in Friday Harbor, Washington.  Produced in June, 2012 by Rob Simpson, the CD includes tunes by Horace Silver, Sonny Rollins, Monk, Shearing, Jobim and several others. 

For one of these CDs ($10. + shipping), contact Thor@rockisland.com.  While you are at it, you could ask Thor, who plays bass on the CD, about his latest book, “Feathers - The Evolution of a Natural Miracle” (Reviewed in NYTimes, Wall Street Journal, The Economist, and Nature).




January 28, 6-7 pm Life Care Center

February 15, 630-830 pm, Rumor Mill

February 25, 6-7pm,Life Care Center

March 1, 630-830pm, Rumor Mill

March 15, 630-830pm, Rumor Mill

March 25, 6-7pm Life Care Center

March 28, evening Yacht Club Commodore’s Ball

March 29, 630-830pm Rumor Mill

April 12, 630-830pm Rumor Mill

April 19, 630-830pm Rumor Mill

April 29, 6-7pm Life Care Center

May 3, 630-830pm Rumor Mill

May 7,7-8pm Roads Scholars, Friday Harbor Suites

May 17, 630-830pm Rumor Mill

May 27, 6-7pm Life Care Center

June 7, 630-830pm Rumor Mill

June 14, 0945-1100h WSF Welcome the new ferry Samish

June 18, 7-8pm Roads Scholars-Earthbox

June 21, 7-9 pmRumor Mill

June 24, 6-7pm Life Care Center

June 26, Wedding Reception, Roche Harbor

July 2, 7-8pm Roads Scholars-Earthbox

July 5, 7-9pm Rumor Mill

July 12, 7-9pm Rumor Mill

July 18, 1-4 pm Wedding Reception SJIYC

July 26, pm Port of Friday Harbor

July 29, 6-7pm Life Care Center

July 30, 7-8 pm, Roads Scholars-Friday Harbor Suites

August 2, 7-9pm Rumor Mill

August 16, 7-9pm Rumor Mill

August 20, 7-8 pm, Roads Scholars-Friday Harbor Suites

August 22, Jazz at the Labs 6-7 pm

August 23, 7-9pm Rumor Mill

August 26, 6-7 pm, Life Care Center

September 13, 630-830pm Rumor Mill

September 17, 7-8 pm Roads Scholars-Earthbox

September 24, 7-8 pm Roads Scholars-Earthbox

September 30, 6-7 pm, Life Care Center

October 11, 630-830pm Rumor Mill

October 25, 630-830pm Rumor Mill

October 28, 6-7 pm, Life Care Center

November 8, 630-830pm Rumor Mill

November 22, 630-830pm Rumor Mill

November 25, 6-7 pm, Life Care Center

December 6, 630-830pm Rumor Mill

December 20, 630-830pm Rumor Mill

December 30, 6-7 pm, Life Care Center